When Elizabeth Olsen Continued Using Racial Slur To Describe Wanda & Got Flak Online
When Elizabeth Olsen Received Backlash For Using Racial Slur Over & Over Again Despite Knowing Its Meaning, Netizens Said “Wake TF Up And Apologize For Being Racist And Ignorant”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Is there any celebrity in the world who has not had their own share of controversy? Barring a few (read Keanu Reeves), we highly doubt it! Every other actor and actress has received some amount of backlash online for whatsoever reason. The Internet can be a brutal place, after all. Once, Elizabeth Olsen faced the heat as she said things that did not sit right with many audiences. They called her racist and oblivious religious sentiments. Scroll on to learn more.

Olsen once made the mistake of describing her character Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, using an ethnic slur. But sadly, she apparently did not learn from the mistake and did it again!

While promoting her Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen talked to Collider about her character and said, “The way that we designed costume and character is based on these two kids being on their own and using whatever they can to their best ability. Like if they see a street vendor, they just grab something off the street vendor, so it hints at Eastern Europe, but it’s also kind of this g*psy, vagabond feel as well.” In another interview with Vanity Fair, Elizabeth Olsen talked about her iconic red Halloween costume in WandaVision and said, “It was kind of like a g*psy thing that has to wear a headband and I, like, fought for it. I was like ‘No, we have to go full into it…this is like the greatest thing, if Paul’s doing it, I’m doing it.’”

And once again, as per The Wall Street Journal, she once said, “Because it’s the origin, we’re not superheroes yet, so what we could start with is in the comics, where it says they’re from Sokovia and that they’re g*psy kids. Things like that, we took on.”

Before some of these interviews, she appeared on a talk show where Graham Norton explained distinctly that she could not use the word g*psy as it was a racial slur and people, especially Romanians, found it extremely offensive. Yet, the actress did not listen. As a result, people called her out for her ignorance and alleged racism. They took to Twitter and wrote –

One wrote, “no one is trying to cancel ur fav. We just want her to wake tf up and apologize for being racist and ignorant. Elizabeth Olsen hun, wake tf up.”

The last one added, “Elizabeth Olsen said the g slur…… again. Aint this the same thing yall cancelled mark for”

Let us know what you think of Elizabeth’s act, and for more such news, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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