When Dwayne Johnson's Worthy Opponent Chris Jericho Praised The Actor; Read On
When Dwayne Johnson’s Worthy Opponent Chris Jericho Praised The Actor, “He’s So Popular Now In Hollywood, People Forget…” ( Photo Credit – Instagram; YouTube )

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood now. He has starred in several action films like the Fast & Furious series, the Jumanji films series, The Mummy Returns, The Game Plan, Hercules, and many more. Before becoming a popular actor, he was a professional wrestler.

Known by his ring name the Rock, he was one of the best in-ring performers in the history of WWE. However, not many remember him as a wrestler before he became a popular Hollywood actor. A WWE legend emphasised and praised The Brahma Bull for this a few years ago.

Chris Jericho, a current AEW wrestler, appeared on The Larry King Show in 2017. When the host asked Y2J who his toughest opponent in WWE was, he praised Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling abilities. He said, “I had some great ones, I loved working with Shawn Michaels like I said. The Rock was always fun. The Rock actually because he’s so popular now in Hollywood (that) people forget how good of a wrestler he was. He was a great wrestler inside the ring, always fun to work with him.”

Watch the video below:

Y2J said the same thing on Twitter in 2021, a few years after praising The Rock for his ring skills in 2017. Johnson responded to the tweet this time by thanking him and recalling an incident. The 10-time world champion wrote, “This means a lot, thank you brother for these words. You’re one of the GOATS and man the fun we had electrified millions around the world. What an honor. And I still owe you a receipt for that tobacco spit incident”

Chris Jericho and The Rock were the most electrifying WWE stars. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla made his RAW debut against DJ, and they’ve had a great rivalry in the ring and on the mic ever since.

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