When Daniel Craig's Torture Scene In Casino Royale Almost Damaged His Private Part
When Daniel Craig Got His Private Part Damaged While Sitting N*ked On A Chair (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Daniel Craig has imprinted our minds with his performance as the British spy 007 and it will take a lot of time for someone to step into his shoes. His dedication towards the role, his tortured and dangerous expressions and his incredibly realistic action sequences have made his James Bond movies the best ones in the franchise. He went so deep to make his performance authentic that once, he almost lost his private parts while filming a scene.

Casino Royale, the first movie of Daniel’s James Bond franchise, had a very brutal scene where the actor was being tortured by his arch-enemy Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen. In that sequence, he almost hurt his private parts badly. Scroll on to learn what happened.

For the unversed, Daniel Craig had to sit on a chair n*ked while being tied up in harsh ropes in Casino Royale. Mads Mikkelson had to strike him over and over again using ropes. The movie was released in 2006, and almost fifteen years later, the actor, as per Variety, revealed what happened behind the scenes. Dan said, “I’m sitting in a chair n*ked, it was a thing that was the shape of my backside in the chair which I sat in.” The ‘thing’ was a piece of protection equipment made of plywood. The actor continued, “[The rope] was actually swinging right up under this thing, and it was hitting the chair as hard as it sounded.”

Daniel Craig at first believed the plywood to be strong enough to not shatter. He said, “So I had to give over to the fact that this thing would not break because [Mikkelsen] was swinging the f*ck out of it.” His co-star Mads Mikkelsen also chimed in and added, “It did break. It was made out of plywood and you got splinters going up like that.”

He also said that he enjoyed torturing the Knives Out actor immensely on-screen. “It was a wonderful day for me – you, maybe not so much! It was eight hours of you screaming your lungs out,” Mikkelsen added.

Daniel had the last word and said that, overall, it was indeed a joyful experience. He said, “I was nervous, I remember that day, knowing that the scene was good, knowing that it was on the edge and you came in, and you just smacked it out of the park. You were so in it. And it was joyful.”

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