Jada Pinkett Once Brought A Shirtless Man On A Leash In Front Of DC Executives For This Reason
Jada Pinkett Smith Once Brought A Shirtless Man On A Leash While Portraying Her Thought About Gotham’s ‘Fish Mooney’ Character (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Jada Pinkett Smith is a known name in the Hollywood industry, not only because of being Will Smith’s wife but also for being a worthy actress. Jada might be mostly known for cheating on her husband, but her character Fish Mooney in the web series Gotham is also quite popular among DC fans.

Did you know after acquiring the role in Gotham, once in an exercise, Mrs Smith had brought a shirtless man on a leash in front of the DC executives? Yes. That’s right. She even talked about it in an interview. Scroll ahead to get the scoop!

In a throwback interview with Comicbook.com, when Jada Pinkett Smith was asked about whether she really brought a shirtless man on a leash on her audition for Fish Mooney or not, the actress revealed the story. She said, “It wasn’t for an audition. I know that’s a better story. We were actually doing a work session about Fish Mooney and trying to find the character. That’s one of the reasons I decided to do something as extreme as that. I felt like instead of talking about it, just show it. I felt like from the psychology I had put together in regard to who I thought Fish was, that’s something better to show than to explain verbally.”

Jada Pinkett Smith further continued, “That was one of the reasons why I decided for that creative session that I had with Bruno and Danny [Cannon] at the time after it had been decided that I would play Fish, I decided to come in with the guy on the leash to just go “this is who this woman is, this is what I see.” It was a very short session, to say the least.”

If asked which character has always been close to her heart, Jada Pinkett has always said Fish Mooney from Gotham. She had mentioned in the same interview, “I see Fish Mooney as a more extreme version of a woman. A woman who wears many faces, a woman who is strong but yet afraid. I would say that the Fish Mooney character has, especially in these coming episodes, has been really fun and I love how smart and perceptive she is.”

Well, that’s quite bold of her. Did you know Jada Pinkett Smith had done this? Let us know.

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