Chris Pine Once Said There Should Be No Big Deal About Men Going N*de In Movies
Chris Pine Once Asked Why People Make An Issue If A Male Actor Goes N*de In Movies ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

While many Hollywood actresses have gone fully frontal in movies, there are only a handful of male celebrities who decided to take the plunge and bared it all in front of the camera. Chris Pine pulled off the act in his 2018 action drama flick Outlaw King. Speaking about the same, the actor in an interview wondered why it was such a big fuss as his co-star Florence Pugh did the same in the movie and there was no big deal about it. Scroll down to read more.

Pine, in the movie Outlaw King, played the role of Scottish warrior Robert the Bruce. The film was premiered at the iconic Toronto International Film Festival and many of the reviews at the time included panting references to the actor’s full-frontal n*dity.

According to The Mirror, Chris Pine shed light on the same saying, “People are giggling about my p*nis as if we’re schoolchildren. There are movies with people sawing their heads off and you can show that to a 13-year-old in my country and it’s not a problem.” Pine continued, “You show two people having s*x and your mother’s got to hide you from it.” The actor further shared, “And if you distil that down, there’s something about showing intimacy which is verboten, but showing violence which is thumbs up.” Pine here spoke about the scene where when he as Robert the Bruce emerges from a lake after a bath after seizing the Scottish crown.

Chris Pine continued, “In exploring this kind of man who is to be called king and treated like a king, I thought it was important to see the king and the animal, the man and the animal – that his feet are in the mud. That he is both violent and primitive and bestial, but also something else.”

The Wonder Woman star also laid emphasis on how his co-star Florence Pugh going n*de created no fuss. “So I thought to see the human de-clothed and as his animal self is really important. But Florence shows her entire body in this film and no one is talking about that” said Pine.

The British actor added, “People want to talk about my p*nis as if we’re a bunch of teenagers playing spin the bottle. Is Florence expected to do that because she is a woman and I’m not expected to do that because I’m a man?”

Chris Pine concluded, “And I think it’s certainly a marker of our puritanical culture where, if people make love or show what God gave us, it’s somehow NC-17 [adult-rated] and you can debowel, behead… you can do all sorts of crazy sh*t like that and people are like, ‘yeah that seems right’. Let’s put a big mirror up to us and say, ‘why? What’s going on, guys?”

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