When Brie Larson Revealed How She Felt While Getting Objectified In Hollywood & Facing Constant Rejections
Brie Larson Once Shared She Was On The Verge To Quit After Facing ‘Constant Rejections’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Brie Larson became the strongest Marvel character after many rejections. For the unversed, the actress had been trying her luck for years before settling for Captain Marvel. She had auditioned for Iron Man 2, Thor along with other prestigious projects, including Avatar, Pitch Perfect, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones and others but had faced quite a lot of rejections. In a throwback interview, Brie had opened up about her hardships. Keep scrolling to read further.

Brie made quite a mark on the industry after her performance in the kidnapping thriller movie Room in 2015. The actress had also received an Oscar for it. But the initial phase of her career wasn’t good. She was even on the verge of quitting.

In an old interview with Thrillist, Brie Larson shared, “The one I’ve been thinking about a lot is… I don’t even want to know how many times I’ve auditioned for things. Like, I’m sure it’s close to tens of thousands of auditions since I was seven until now. And if you look at my IMDb, I didn’t get ten thousand jobs.”

While continuing to explain how she had faced constant rejections, Brie Larson mentioned, “So imagine all of those no’s and how many times that really hurt, being told that I was too tall or I was too short or I didn’t have blue eyes. All of these things that accumulated in me as a huge sense of pain and rejection, just constant, constant, constant everyday rejection.”

However, even after all this she didn’t give up on acting and on herself. Brie once uploaded a video on her YouTube channel and named the projects for which she auditioned but got rejected. At that time, she said, “It’s a lot of heartbreak, folks. Here I am, still standing. I don’t have the language to describe the emotions every step of the way that I felt and how devastated I felt. And there were times that I quit.”

Well, thank you, Brie Larson, for not giving up, otherwise we wouldn’t get a Captain Marvel like you. What say?

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