When BTS' Jimin Took Up The Role Of RM & Suga's Girlfriend In Order To Help Them Come Up With Freestyle Rap Apology!
When BTS Singer Jimin Behaved As RM & Suga’s Girlfriend To Help Them Create Freestyle Rap Apology(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Let be their singing style or their amazing dance performances, the BTS boys have just managed to win all the hearts they can! However other than their music, the boys have been known to be one of the most jovial boy bands across the world! On several occasions, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have displayed their funny sides.

Let’s take a trip down the past and check out one such instance where the boys were at their funniest!



Talking about one such situation, it was when BTS had arrived as a guest on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio show. In the show’s episode, Suga was asked to create a freestyle rap for his hypothetical girlfriend who was upset with him for not reaching out to her the entire day.

This question made Suga very confused and he thought hard and asked a couple of questions as well but was finding it impossible to create the rap. To help do the task, Jimin chose to act as his girlfriend and played his part out.

“Oppa, how could you do this to me? How could you not answer my calls all day? Is it because you’re pale?” Jimin asked Suga. The BTS rapper was left in splits as he said, “I’m scared, I don’t think I can do it. I have a fear of doing it.”

Later the leader of the group RM was nominated to create the rap, and he broke into a rap apology almost instantly. “Yo! Why are you mad? You can’t be doing this right now. I’m placating you,” he said, in his rap style. That’s when Jimin took everyone by surprise with his reply: “Who are you?” RM tried to save the situation and replied, “I am Rap Monster.”

See the video:

Well, the boys are undoubtedly very silly and funny!

Meanwhile, since their debut, the BTS members haven’t dated anyone publicly. However, they all have been flooded with proposals by their fans almost every day!

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