BTS Leader RM's $75000 Patek Phillipe Watch & $4 Million Worth House Are Just A Few Of The Many Luxurious Items He Splurges On
BTS Leader RM’s Luxurious Possessions With Make Your Jaw-Drop ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

BTS has become a global phenomenon and has contributed a lot to the growth of Korean pop culture. The group, which consists of Suga, Jin, J Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, has gained a huge fan following and has been releasing several hit songs, one after the next. The band’s net worth as a whole group is around $50 million, making them the 47th highest-paid celebrities in the entire world.

Each member of the group has become an idol for the fans. From their clothes to their lifestyle, everything has become iconic. The group leader, Kim Nam-Joon, has become an inspiration for many. Let’s take a look into what the rapper spends his money on.



Nam-joon, aka RM, has a huge net worth of $20 million. The BTS rapper was seen wearing a VISVIM Valdez Coat which is estimated to be $5030 and was also spotted wearing an outfit worth $600 approx. He also owns a VISVIM Excelsior Wool/Linen Cap worth $345 and a VISVIM Virgil folk boots, which costs $1095.

Having a taste of fine things, he once wore a Patek Phillipe watch that is worth $75000! The list doesn’t stop here. Other than the clothes and watches, BTS member RM also owns a luxurious apartment in Hannam The Hill worth $4 million, which he has gifted to his parents. That’s a really big gift, but even he is a big celebrity.

No wonder that the South Korean singer likes to splurge his hard-earned money on luxurious things. He also owns a Gucci shirt that costs $1105. These are just some of the many other expensive things that the rapper owns.

Meanwhile, RM’s hometown celebrated the actor by offering a tribute that the BTS ARMY will never forget. Recently, a report stated that the rapper’s hometown, Goyang city’s government along with the fanbase unveiled a mural of Nam-joon. It shows him holding a blue mic in his hand and flowers on the other side.

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