BTS Member RM Once Apologised After Facing Charges Of Him Plagiarising Lyrics
BTS Member RM Once Faced Accusations Of Him Plagiarising Songs ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

BTS was once accused of plagiarising their songs. Almost everyone is aware of the South Korean boy band, which has become a worldwide sensation. The group was launched in 2013 and includes Jin, J Hope, Suga, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The Bangtan Boys have become immensely popular and have gained a huge fan following.

Their songs, like ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’, have topped the charts, and several other tracks have broken many more records. BTS has been enjoying unprecedented growth, but even they couldn’t escape from accusations and controversies.

Back in 2015, BTS leader RM was accused of plagiarism by a Twitter user @wevebeenhere, who tweeted, “The kind of people that I hate the most are the ones that take words from other people’s lives and take and use them like it’s nothing. What do you gain from that. When this happens to people I care about, it makes me so angry, and I have no intention of giving away my words like that. Do I need to protect my tweets.”

According to the reports online, the Twitter user also pointed out that this is not the first time BTS has been accused of plagiarism. In 2014, @radiordinary tweeted, “If you lie with loneliness, the bed gets wider,” a line Rap Monster also allegedly used in Primary’s “U.”

Even RM, who used to go by the name Rap Monster, apologised during 2015 MAMA. He said, “Hello. This is BTS’s Rap Monster. I’m currently in Hong Kong for MAMA. Today is a very important day for BTS, but I am writing because I think this is really important and I need to address this myself.”

“First, I sincerely apologize. Even though I just started creating, I am just another creator who experiences a lot of difficulties. I can’t write music through mere internal stimulation, so I take inspiration from talks with friends, books I like, movies, interviews, and letters from fans,” the rapper continued.

BTS RM also said, “I write the feelings and lines that left an impression on me in notes on my phone. Most are erased or forgotten, but after hearing the criticism today I realized that I was unconscious of the mistakes I made. Without knowing the source and not remembering clearly, I carelessly worked only thinking about having to write songs,” while talking about him plagiarising lyrics.

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