Top Gun Maverick Star Miles Teller Reveals Having Fuel In His Blood & How Tom Cruise Reacted To It
Top Gun Maverick’s Miles Teller Reveals Tom Cruise’s Respond To Him Having Fuel In His Blood ( Photo Credit – Facebook; IMDb )

Top Gun Maverick is reaching new heights at the box office as people are pouring in large numbers to watch the Tom Cruise starrer. Well, why not? The death-defying stunts in the fighter jets that take your breath away turn out to be more mesmerising when you learn they were shot in real without any stunt doubles or CGI.


Cruise likes to take it to the next level with his films, but he also made sure that his co-stars went through the same process as him and did their stunts. Miles Teller, aka Rooster, has previously talked about it several times, stating the difficulty to perform some of those action sequences.


He also revealed how Tom Cruise kept pushing him to go the extra mile, which came out beautifully in Top Gun Maverick. But there was a time when filming those dogfights got Miles Teller sick. Recently, the actor appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and revealed feeling sick immediately after filming one of the airplane scenes for the box-office hit.

“I’m just like, ‘I’m not feeling too good,'” Miles Teller explained “And I was really hot, and I just started itching like crazy. So I get out of the jet, and I’m just covered in hives, like, head to toe,” the Top Gun Maverick actor added. “My bloodwork comes back, and I have flame-retardant, pesticides, and jet fuel in my blood,” he revealed.

Miles then shared Tom Cruise’s reaction to this. “I go to set the next day, and Tom’s like, ‘So, how did it go, Miles what did they find?'” Teller recalled. “I was like, ‘Well, Tom, it turns out I have jet fuel in my blood.’ And without even skipping a beat, Tom just goes, ‘Yeah, I was born with it, kid,'” Teller said.

It’s amazing how dedicated some actors can be, and Miles Teller put his all in Top Gun Maverick. Now, it’s time for the cast and crew to celebrate as the Tom Cruise actioner just became the highest grosser of 2022 in the US.

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