Whiplash Fame Miles Teller Is In So Much Love With Keleigh Sperry & He's Neither Rushing Nor Dragging
Whiplash Actor Miles Teller Is In So Much Love With Keleigh Sperry & He’s Neither Rushing Nor Dragging(Pic credit – Getty Image )

Whiplash fame Miles Teller has been happily married to the oh-so-lovely Keleigh Sperry. They both are leading a super-romantic life because who can forget the dreamy proposal Miles designed for Sperry? That was enough of a statement about who deeply they’re in love with each other.


In this recent interview, Miles has opened up about how spending more time together in lockdown has only pushed him closer to Sperry. He also talks about the things they have worked upon during this time.


While speaking to Men’s Health, Miles Teller said, “We just hang out. She keeps me calm. It’s pretty great. I’m with her now from when I wake up to the moment I go to bed. We have a lot of friends whose relationships got put under a magnifying glass during these times, but we are really great.”

He also adds, “Once you get married, and you make that ultimate commitment, life is just a lot less stressful. You just know that person is always going to be there.”

On doing things together, Miles Teller adds, “Keleigh and I both worked on our backyard and did some landscaping. We planted a lemon tree, hydrangeas, and a rose garden. Since we were staring at our backyard a whole lot more than usual, we wanted to add colour.”

Back in 2017, Teller proposed Sperry during a Safari trip in Africa. He revealed some lovely details about it to People magazine. He said he took Sperry to a tree which had a note tied that read, “May 11th, 2013-August 20th, 2017.” Following the tradition, he bent on his one knee and said to Sperry, “This was the first day that I asked you to be my girlfriend, and today was the last day you woke up as my girlfriend.”

“I’ll never get the image out of my head of him down on one knee with a tear in his eye. He really thought about every detail and was so nervous,” said Keleigh Sperry on Miles Teller’s proposal.

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