When ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Opened Up About Stealing His Best Friend’s Homework & The Host Scared Him With A 25 Year Sentence For The Same
When ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Spoke About Copying His Best Friend’s Home Work ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Tom Holland is a household name now thanks to his portrayal of Marvel’s youngest superhero Spider-Man. While the actor’s recent outing in No Way Home is creating and breaking box office records, did you know the star used to steal his best friend Harrison Osterfield’s homework?


During a past conversation, the Cherry actor opened up about being ‘clever’ in copying his friend’s homework if and when he was unable to do it. Scroll below to know all he has to say.


In a conversation with BBC Comedy, ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland played a segment where kids asked the actor some really difficult questions. Towards the end of it, the youngest Marvel was asked “Who is the biggest disappointment you’ve met in Hollywood?” When the actor refused to take a name saying, “I know who it is but I’m not going to take it,” one of the co-hosts helped him and the actor said copied his answer.

Seeing this, the other host of the show told Tom Holland, “You can’t copy someone’s homework…” Cutting her mid-way, the Spider-Man actor said, “You can,” before adding, “That’s what I used to do to my best friend Harrison (Osterfield).”

Elaborating on him copying Harrison Osterfield’s homework, the Marvel superhero said, “I used to be like, ‘Mate, can I copy your homework cause I’ve been working, I didn’t have to time to do it.’” Continuing further, the Uncharted star added, “I would just make sure I’d hand it in before him. He got in trouble. The teacher was like, ‘Tom is working so hard outside of school and you’re copying his homework. How can you be doing this?’”

When the female co-host called him a “lowlife” for doing this to his best friend, Tom Holland hit back saying, “That’s not low, that’s clever. I think if you can get away with cheating on test…it’s ok” When the same co-host (in a joking manner) stated that as a former head girl she knows cheating like this is wrong and can lead to 25 years punishment, a baffled Tom said, “Is it actually?”

As the host continued laughing seeing Tom’s reaction, the Marvel superhero said, “That’s how you know how much schooling I’ve done. like really.” Watch the video here:

Confirming Tom Holland indeed did this, Harrison Osterfield tweeted, “I can concur, I was brought into School and told off for blatantly copying someone’s assignment word for word…except it was ME giving them my homework to them for REFERENCE.” In his following tweet, he added, “❤ forever bro.”

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