Emma Stone Called Andrew Garfield A Jerk For Lying About Spider-Man: No Way Home
Andrew Garfield Reprised His Version Of Peter Parker For Spider-Man: No Way Home ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The buzz around Spider-Man: No Way Home refuses to settle and the box office still showing a strong stand even after four weeks of release is very much a proof. The movie that opened the gate for the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, became the talk of the town for many reasons. Of course the Spidey reunion and Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield coming back to save the day with Tom Holland. But keeping this secret from the world was a tough task. Garfield in his interviews almost made the world believe he isn’t in the movie.

Yes, if you haven’t followed the multiple junkets Andrew did before No Way Home’s release, the man lied with all honesty and precision to his ‘No Spoilers’ contract. He even managed to make many believe he was true. But turns out we weren’t the only ones he lied too, he didn’t even reveal the secret to his ex-girlfriend Emma Stone.

Emma Stone played Gwen in Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and we all know the emotional baggage that led to for Andrew’s Peter Parker. But when she asked Garfield if he is a part of Spider-Man: No Way Home he kept her in the dark too. No surprise, when she learnt he is, she called him a Jerk. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per Screenrant, Andrew Garfield said, “Emma kept on texting me and was like, ‘Are you in this new Spider-Man film?’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ [Laughs] She was like, ‘Shut up, just tell me.’ I was like, ‘I honestly don’t know,’ I couldn’t even tell her, it was hilarious. And then she saw it and was like, ‘You’re a jerk.’ [Laughs] I didn’t want to tell anyone, I took it super seriously, I told no one.”

Further as per the same portal, Andrew Garfield spoke about the scene that made him say yes to Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was his redemption when he saved Zendaya. “The main image that they pitched me was catching Zendaya, catching MJ. That was the first pages I saw and I was kind of like, ‘There’s no way of not doing this,’ because that’s profound. That’s a profound moment like an older brother saving his little brother from his same fate across the universe. If that portal hadn’t been opened up. and my Peter Parker hadn’t been there at that moment, it’s arguable that he would have had the same fate. You suddenly get into this incredible cosmic, meant-to-be destined moment where I get to heal the worst trauma in my life while simultaneously saving my little brother from having to experience that same trauma. Suddenly you’re in very mythic territory, and it’s just profoundly beautiful,” Andrew said.

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