Tom Cruise Once Saved A Woman Involved In A Car Accident
Tom Cruise Once Aided A Woman Involved In A Hit & Run Case ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Though Tom Cruise might be famous for his controversies, the actor has also helped a lot of people. The Top Gun Maverick star has faced a lot of backlash over his involvement with the Scientology church. Just recently, he received flak from actress Leah Remini.


She had shared a story from a former Scientologist, Claire Headley, who accused Cruise of promoting “a dangerous cult that destroyed my family.” Headley had also put forth a question that when was the last time the actor spoke with his daughter Suri? While he may be surrounded by controversies, the actor has also aided a lot of people.


Once People reported that back in 1996, Tom Cruise became a hero to a woman who was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Heloisa Vinhas, who was the driver of the car that got hit but luckily, the Mission Impossible actor was on the scene to save her. He asked someone to call an ambulance where she was treated for a broken leg.

Tom Cruise had followed her to the hospital to make sure she was okay and it was there where he learned Vinhas did not have insurance. Cruise went the extra mile and covered the cost of her $7,000 or Rs 5.5 Lakhs bill. “If he’s not Superman, he can be Batman — Batman doesn’t have superpowers,” Vinhas said.

Even though Tom Cruise never got to be Iron Man, he is a superhero in this woman’s and many other people’s eyes. His tales of bravery also include rescuing two fans from being crushed by steel barricades at his Mission Impossible premiere.

Not just that, but once Tom Cruise reportedly stopped a burglar from stealing nearly $150,000 worth of jewels when a woman was being mugged. He and his bodyguards even chased the thief away. A true hero indeed!

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