Timothee Chalamet Wrongly Guesses Selena Gomez's Age As 29 Leaving Fans Heartbroken!
Timothee Chalamet Wrongly Guesses Selena Gomez’s Age As 29 Leaving Fans Heartbroken!

Hollywood celebrities are busy with the ongoing elections these days. Every celebrity is urging their fans to vote for their selected candidate. Recently we saw Jennifer Aniston asking people to not vote for Kanye West. And today we have Selena Gomez talking about the upcoming elections.

The singer wanted to make sure that people are voting for their desired candidate. Hence she opened up about the upcoming election on Instagram live. Check out the conversation.



Selena Gomez, and a close friend Timothee Chalamet, had a candid conversation about the upcoming election on Instagram Live. During the discussion, Timothee stood in line in Times Square to vote while Selena appeared to be at home in bed. “I wanted to talk about voting…We speak often, obviously, so it’s our job to make sure people vote,” the Rare Beauty founder said, once again urging her followers to ensure they are heard in the upcoming election.

Timothee Chalamet, rocking a black face mask, didn’t hold back about his thoughts on President Donald Trump. “I really hope this guy loses… oh man. I think in New York we’re safe, victory-wise,” he said, as Selena confessed she’s feeling nervous about the Nov. 3. election. “My stomach hurts because I’m nervous,” the singer added. Selena also confirmed she voted a couple of days ago by mail. “I really wanted to go to do it in person but I couldn’t for certain situations…I got the ballot, and it was so much fun,” she said. Check out the conversation below:


Throughout their chat, Selena Gomez & Timothee Chalamet revealed they talk to each other often. At one point, Chalamet even declared, “Selena for President 2024, I’m about it!” after accidentally guessing Gomez’s age wrong. He thought that Gomez was 29 and her reaction to this was priceless. Indeed, Twitterati’s went crazy after it.


Selena Gomez admitted that she is happy to see people paying attention to politics.“In a way, I’m kind of grateful that people are really focused on this [election], and there are things to distract us,” she added. The Texas native took to Instagram to confirm she voted on Oct. 22, proudly displaying an “I Voted” sticker. “Just finished filling out my ballot!” she captioned the multi-photo post, which also included a candid snap of her marking the mail-in form. “I’m really proud of you. You’ve been all over this stuff, and I know it’s making a difference. It’s really important,” Timothee said back to his A Rainy Day in New York co-star. Check out the pictures below:

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