The Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves Reveals The Skyscraper Leap Was Shot In Real & Took 20 Takes To Film
The Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves Says The Skyscraper Leap Scene Isn’t CGI ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; IMDb ; The Matrix Resurrections Poster )

Keanu Reeves reveals how one of the most dangerous scenes from The Matrix Resurrections was filmed without CGI. The upcoming film is the fourth instalment of the iconic sci-fi film series. It will be released almost 20 years after the last one came out, and the fans are excited to watch Neo back in action.

Other than its mind-bending story of a simulated reality, the franchise is known for its action, such as the Neo vs the army of Agent Smiths scene, the highway chase, and the most famous subway fight scene from the 1999 film.



Recently, while speaking on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Keanu Reeves was asked about the craziest stunt in The Matrix Resurrections. The actor excitedly said, “jump[ing] off a building.” Reeves explained how the scene was shot in real life without any CGI. He said that the building was “around 46 stories.”

When asked why the stunt was completed for real instead of digitally, Keanu Reeves said, “Because it’s [The Matrix writer and creator] Lana Wachowski, and it’s The Matrix, and you need natural light, and you wanna do it real.” However, the John Wick actor was quick to point out that safety measures were taken and that both he and co-star Carrie-Anne Moss, aka Trinity, wore safety wires when doing the stunt.

The Matrix Resurrections star said, “I mean there’s wires, but Carrie-Anne and I grabbed hands, and we leapt off a building.” He further shared that the jump also took multiple takes to get right. “Well, we wanted to do it in the perfect light, in the morning, and so we did it, I would say, around 19 to 20 times over the course of two days,” Reeves recalled.

Even though Keanu Reeves has done several action films before, doing this made his heart race. “By the time you get there [to the stunt], I mean my heart was a little raised, but then after the first time, you can’t think of the fear. You have to deal with it, absorb it, and then just be there and do. And that’s what we did.” The Matrix Resurrections will be released on 22nd December.

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