Jackie Chan & Ralph Macchio Announce A New Karate Kid Film, Netizens React!
Jackie Chan & Ralph Macchio To Reprise Their Roles In The New Karate Kid Film With A Potential Crossover, Netizens React! ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Martial Arts fanatics, it’s time to rejoice as a new Karate Kid movie is coming. Yes, it’s finally happening! The legend himself, Jackie Chan, and the OG Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, will be seen reprising their roles in the new installment, as per the latest updates. The announcement has brought a wave of cheers among The Karate Kid series fandom, which has already begun projecting interesting fan theories. Scroll ahead for more details.

The Karate Kid Cinematic Universe is expanding, and what’s more exciting is that Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio may have a crossover in the freshly announced yet to be titled film, as reports suggest they will be reviving their beloved roles in the next chapter in the franchise. While Macchio headlined the original 1984 film in The Karate Kid franchise, Chan was featured in the 2010 remake of the cult-classic, which retained the original title but focused on Kung Fu, as it was set in China.

The Karate Kid series was planned as a tetralogy, beginning with the release of The Karate Kid (1984) and three sequels: The Karate Kid Part II (1986), The Karate Kid Part III (1989), and The Next Karate Kid (1994). In 2010, The Karate Kid Cinematic Universe saw an expansion with the inclusion of the Jackie Chan starrer. The new installment will be the sixth film in the franchise. Meanwhile, Netflix series, Cobra Kai, is the continuation of the universe created by the tetralogy in the 1980s and 1990s, three decades later.

Featuring Chan and Macchio, the official social media handle of The Karate Kid movie confirmed a new film in the celebrated franchise is in the making with a heartwarming video. The sixth part will bring opportunities to fresh faces, as both actors announced that they would be commencing a global casting hunt for the next Karate Kid to star in the movie, asking young actors to submit their audition tapes to KarateKidCasting.com. “Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio are looking for the next Karate Kid to star in the new #KarateKidMovie. The global search starts now,” the caption of the video read.

As soon as the video featuring Jackie and Ralph dropped on social media, many fans rushed to the comment section to volunteer for the part.

“I might not be a kid anymore, but I’d actually be the Mexican ruthless antagonistic teacher,” one user wrote.

Another internet user asked if Jaden Smith, who featured in the 2010 film, would also return to reprise his role. “So is Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid Canon to the original,” the comment read.

“As long as there’s no Jaden Smith and it’s a continuation of Cobra Kai Verse, I’m f*cking with it. I actually like Jackie as the Kung Fu kid’s master,” one netizen wrote on X.

A fourth netizen commented, “Okay, you have our attention! Color me intrigued.”

Another internet user added, “I like that they announced a casting site to find the next karate kid; nowadays not a lot of movies will post about looking for new actors or just in general looking for people to audition for movies; whoever gets the role, good luck!”

Helmed by Jonathan Entwistle, the new film will be set up in the East Cost, focusing on a Chinese teenager who discovers his strength through martial arts under the guidance of a qualified mentor. The film, which is scheduled to go on the floor next spring, is eyeing a December 13, 2024 release.

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