Singer The Weeknd Got On The Wrong Side Of The Internet After The Latest Episode Of The Idol Aired
The Weeknd Got On The Wrong Side Of The Internet After The Latest Episode Of The Idol Aired ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

While Zendaya-led Euphoria was widely appreciated despite its wild s*x scenes, it appears HBO’s new show The Idol starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp is not getting the same love. The show has been on the radar ever since it went on air. The second episode of the show was aired recently and it again got blasted on the Internet- thanks to The Weeknd’s raunchy s*x scene with Lily-Rose. Scroll down to read more.

Many on the Internet mocked the Grammy-winning crooner for his controversial scene with Lily-Rose. While the latter has openly got support from his actor father Johnny Depp, The Weeknd is yet to find someone who can vouch for his role in The Idol.

Speaking of episode two from The Idol, The Weeknd’s character Tedros in a scene seduces Lily-Rose Depp’s emotionally vulnerable pop star, Jocelyn. They soon get into dirty talk but the netizens slammed how the singer acted with a dead stare and no emotions on his face. In the scene, as per a report in Page Six, The Weeknd while commanding Lily-Rose to do different poses and perform various s*x acts says, “You look like a treat” and “Imagine my tongue on your pu**y — my fat tongue” and “Put your finger down your throat, make that throat wet for me.” The show, for the unversed, has already been dubbed as a “r*pe fantasy” by many.

The viewers after the episode rushed to Twitter to express their disgust towards the scene. One user stated, “I really wanted to like this show, but it a pass for me.” Another wrote, “Just a lot of s*x but in a not interesting kind of way. There is no reason to connect with characters.”

The next one tweeted, “The Weeknd is such a pervert omg”, as one chimed in, “I really need Abel to get dragged for this nasty scene in The Idol.” An individual stated, “Someone put the entire s*x scene from the idol and.. let’s just say I lost respect for The Weeknd.”

One user said, “I will never see The Weeknd the same after this” as another added, “It’s funny watching The Idol and being like, ‘This? This is what the fuss was about?’ It’s some mild bdsm and some dirty talk, not The Rite of Spring.”

And, one concluded, “The Idol is back today. It’s maybe the worst HBO pilot I’ve ever seen. It’s like if Entourage took itself completely serious and was also written by a 17 year old boy going through a weird phase and also starred a rapper who’d never acted.”

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