The Batman’s Revealed Budget Makes It One Of The Cheapest DCEU Movies
The Batman Is Helmed By Matt Reeves & Stars Robert Pattinson(Photo Credit: Still From Movie)

The Batman has had its own share of a tough journey. The movie that brings Robert Pattinson to the DCEU as he makes his Gotham debut, has a lot riding on its able back. While it has faced the wrath of the pandemic, the alleged fight between the two crucial people on the sets and also the delays that various elements brought on the table, one might think the budget would have broken the ceiling and touched the sky.

But that is not the case exactly. The money involved in making The Batman directed by Matt Reeves and led by Robert Pattinson has always been the fodder for news. We all know the thunderous backlash Warner Bros had to face when it was revealed that Pattinson is paid $3 Million for his first DCEU flick. Which is too less compared to his contemporaries and lesser if the Marvel Cinematic Universe actors are to be considered.

Making headlines now is the budget of the movie that has been revealed. As per reports, it makes The Batman one of the cheapest DCEU flick to date. Read on to know everything you should about this most surprising update of the day.

We all know how DCEU bid all that they have on Justice League making it a $300 Million vehicle. The cheapest was of course Joker, which the studio in the first place did not even want to make. The Joaquin Phoenix starrer that brought them the Oscar was made at just $55 Million. Now as per Screenrant, The Batman has been made at the budget of $100 Million and it is less compared to all the Batman movies in the past and many other DC flicks.

There is no clear stat as to if these numbers are everything included or it is just the production cost. But in any case, it does not change the statement. In other news, it will also be a factor of profit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, as recovering the base amount and turning profitable at the box office is less stressful in their case.

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