Robert Downey Jr Didn't Want To Shoot Avengers: Endgame Iconic 'I am Iron Man' Scene Initially
Robert Downey Jr Didn’t Want To Shoot The Ending Scene Of Avengers: Endgame ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Everyone remembers that iconic ending of Avengers: Endgame with Robert Downey Jr, but it turns out he didn’t want to film it initially. In 2008 came the first-ever Marvel film Iron Man along with which came RDJ’s Tony Stark. He made us swoon over the character while forming a wonderful base for future MCU films.

Downey Jr played the iconic role for eleven years and finally capped it off in 2019 in Endgame, created by Russo Brothers. The movie also marked the end of the Infinity Saga as well as Stark’s who sacrificed his life to protect the universe from Thanos. The superhero snatches the Infinity Stones embedded them on his gauntlet.

Before snapping his fingers, Tony Stark says, “I am Iron Man,” which is a response to Thanos previously declaring, “I am inevitable.” Though this sounds like the perfect ending, Robert Downey Jr didn’t want it to end like that. Marvel CEO Kevin Feige and Anthony Russo dig into the reason behind this in the new book ‘The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.’

Through ComicBook, Kevin Feige said, “Robert was telling me, when he found out that we wanted to come back and shoot a new version of, arguably, the most emotional shot, at first, he didn’t want to do it.” While Russo added to the reason why Robert Downey Jr wasn’t on board for that ending, “I mean, it’s not the kind of thing you dial up and dial down very easily. So, yeah, it was challenging for Robert to have to readdress it.”

“It was hard for him to understand, specifically, where we were with the storytelling. When you’re in the edit room, working every day with the material, you have a depth of understanding with it. You’ve explored it in every possible way. It doesn’t mean a new idea can’t hit you. By that point, we were really sure what [the scene] needed,” he added.

Robert Downey Jr was too emotional, like everyone else, while filming Avengers: Endgame and hence didn’t want to embody the character again. However, he did do that and gave the MCU fans the perfect ending to one of the best superheroes ever.

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