Sylvester Stallone Gave Back Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Salary
Sylvester Stallone Once Shared Why He Gave Back His Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Salary (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Sylvester Stalone appeared in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie and made his MCU debut within the James Gunn’s franchise. The veteran Hollywood star appeared as Stakard Ogord as Stakard Ogord, who is a legendary Ravager captain and the leader of the Stakar Ravager Clan. As it was a surprise for the actor to join the Marvel Cinematic Univer, he once shared why he gave back his salary cheque from the movie.

Stalone’s Ravager captain was recently seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and the audiences applauded his appearance. However, while it is uncertain when we will get to see him back in the MCU, read on to find out why he gave back the salary he received from the Marvel role.

As reported by Epic Stream, Sylvester Stalone was fascinated by the world that Kevin Feige and James Gunn created. He defined MCU as the next generation’s mythology and called himself as Earthbound and terrestrial. As he was delighted to be a part of the franchise, he said, “So I said, ‘Yeah, let me visit. Let me drop in here and see what’s up, where the future is going.’ And it was great. It got me out of the house [away] from my three daughters. And that’s why I gave them my salary back.”

With all that, GOTG Vol 3 marked his last appearance, and by the end of the movie, it promised the future of the Ravagers as Zoe Saldana’s Gamora. Since James Gunn’s characters are not to be seen in the MCU’s future, it can be assumed that these characters might not return anytime soon.

The actor was also a part of James Gunn’s movies as he was ‘heard’ as King Shark in DC’s Suicide Squad, which the GOTG director also directed. Let us know what you think about the future appearance of Sylvester Stalone in the MCU.

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