Spider-Man Actors Salary
Spider-Man Actors Salary Of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, & Tom Holland (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Spider-Man: No Way Home brought all three web slingers, bringing audiences to the edge of their seats. While no one could ever imagine the practicality of the incident, it was all possible by Marvel Studios as they did a fantastic fan service that the world will never forget. However, it was a tough task to convince all the previous actors to return as Peter Parker and join Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU.

While it was not a tough task to ask Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to return for the role, it definitely took a whopping price. Interestingly, the money charged by the first Spider-Man actor, Tobey, was twice what the other web slingers got for the MCU movie. Read on to find out how much the actors were paid for their appearances in the movie.

According to a report by The News, Tobey Maguire got a larger cheque for playing the Spider-Man and was double the amount of the actor currently playing the role, Tom Holland. The second Peter Parker actor Andrew Garfield stood last in ranking as he was paid less as compared to the other two actors. The first Spider-Man actor Tobey got around $75 million for his trilogy movies. His first appearance gave him $4 Million for his work, but later received 7.5 per cent of the third film’s profit.

Tom Holland was introduced in MCU and was seen in Captain America: Civil War. He earned around $250,000 for his first MCU work, but with time and his solo movie, it saw a massive jump. The actor got $4 million for his work in Far From Home and a few bonuses from other appearances, bringing him nearly $18 Million.

Standing in the last position, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man could not make much money as he was only seen three times playing the iconic role. However, he got immensely famous, along with $500,000 for the first TSAM movie. By the end of his stint, the Oscar-nominated actor made $16 million, which is a bit less than Tom Holland’s MCU character.

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