Spider-Man 3 Story: Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield's 'Spideys' To Help Tom Holland Get Out Of The Mess?
Spider-Man 3 Story Idea Leaked: Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield’s ‘Spideys’ To Help Tom Holland (Pic credit: Movie Stills)

Spider-Man 3 or even better known as the live-action Spider-Verse is happening with three Spider-Men Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. Yes, the news isn’t official yet, but the reports out there are too solid to ignore. Recently, we got to know that it’s titled plainly as Spider-Man 3 because of three Spider-Men.

Now, there’s much more coming out about the story of the film. It’s been said that Disney and Sony could make the official announcement anytime soon. How will they include the other two Spider-Men to the story? Well, that’s what the crux of this piece is all about.

The ‘serious leaker’ Mikey Sutton from Geekosity is back with some solid reports about Spider-Man 3. He said, “Potential spoilers ahead if none of these elements remain unchanged. Apparently, the other two Spider-Men will assist in proving that Parker (Holland, that is) is actually not Spider-Man. Also, I was told that Doctor Strange’s presence is to inform Parker (Holland) about the multiverse and the chaos that is about to rain down.”

He also added, “Insiders inform me that Garfield and Maguire could appear again beyond this movie, expected to be the longest of the Spider-Man films. Maguire’s final bow as Spider-Man is still planned; as I reported before they wanted an Endgame-esque finale for him. “

“I initially leaked a live-action Spider-Verse movie on October 2019 and then Maguire coming back on May 2020. I still don’t know if this will lead into the Spider-Verse film or if this is that film. It’s been a long, strange trip,” concluded Mikey’s report on Spider-Man 3.

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