Francia Raísa On Her Tiff With Selena Gomez
Francia Raísa Says She Doesn’t Regret Donating Her Kidney To Selena Gomez(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Selena Gomez and Francia Raísa’s friendship is truly an inspiring tale, but it has its ups and downs. There were several reports about their fallout, especially last year when Selena reportedly said she has only one friend in the industry: Taylor Swift. Raisa, also Gomez’s kidney donor, has once again addressed her alleged feud with the Rare Beauty owner. Scroll below to know!

For the unversed, Francia and Selena became friends in 2007 when they were just teenagers. In 2016, the gals moved in together for a brief period, and that’s how she got to know about the Calm Down singer’s lupus disorder. In 2017, she volunteered and gave her kidney to Sel, and saved her life. There were rumors that the actress was upset and angry about the lifestyle of Gomez, which included the consumption of alcohol.

Francia Raísa had often been questioned about her tiff with Selena Gomez; she either denied the rumors or sidelined the questions. In a recent interview with USA Today, she again had to address and open up about the feud. She revealed how people asked her whether she regrets donating her kidney to Selena. The How I Met Your Father star said that they hadn’t spoken much in the past six years, especially last year, and it was not because they had any problem between them. They needed that time apart.

Francia said, “We’ve never really had beef with each other.” The actress continued that she and Selena Gomez are still getting to know each other. Reflecting on people’s reaction to her donating her kidney to Sel, the actress added, “And obviously, you know, I gave the girl a kidney, so everyone felt a certain way, and I was asked for years and years and years, ‘Do you regret it?’ and I was like, ‘No, the relationship has always been there.’ There was just a tiff.”

Meanwhile, the internet is not very happy about her addressing the alleged feud again. Taking to the social media platform X, many expressed their apathy towards Francia Raísa.

One of the users wrote, “Girl, move on.”


A third one wrote, “I know she want that damn kidney back, she brings up every damn year.”

Followed by one saying, “SELENA GIVE HER HER KIDNEY BACK.”

One of the users wrote, “She was forced to give it.”

And, “She says, now don’t forget about me.”

Francia Raísa and Selena Gomez reconciled earlier this year and were seen hanging out together on more than one occasion.

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