Sandra Bullock & Other Hollywood Celebs Does P*nis Facial? Here's What It Is
Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett & Other Hollywood Celebs Does P*nis Facial?(Photo Credit –wikimedia)

It is well-known that having younger-looking skin after a certain age is difficult, and several Hollywood celebrities have gone under the needle to remain the same way. Dermatologists have introduced various facial treatments over the years; some are a lot more bizarre than you can imagine. Here, we are talking about p*nis facial that Hollywood A-listers Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and more have tried.

On several occasions, celebs of tinsel town have admitted to having various bizarre facial treatments, such as bird poo, snake venom eye cream and being stung by bees. Read on to learn more about p*nis facial.



What is p*nis facial?

P*nis facial, which is officially known as the Hollywood EGF facial, in which celebrity facialist Georgia Louise Atelier uses epidermal growth factor (EGF) serum. According to Insider, the serum is derived from the foreskin of Korean babies during their circumcision. Thus Sandra Bullock calls it ‘p*nis facial.’

The facial involves different steps, including a cleanse, TCA peel, micro-needling, an electrifying mask, and, at last, an EGF serum. This serum is technically produced in a lab and is FDA-approved.

During her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sandra Bullock admitted to getting the treatment. Sandra said, “It’s this way in which one forces, through micro-needling—it’s like a little roller with these…many of you know it.” She continued, “It pushes through the skin and ruptures the collagen and you look like a burn victim for a day, but then it pushes…” When asked what she is pushing into her skin, Sandra said, “It is an extraction from a piece of skin that came from a young person far far away.” While she did not reveal where the serum is derived from, Ellen DeGeneres said, “It’s foreskin from a Korean baby.”

She apparently got it with her Ocean’s 8 co-star, Cate Blanchett. Blanchett once revealed that she and Sandra call the treatment “penis facial” and the serum smelled “a bit like sperm.” Apart from them, Kate Beckinsale has also admitted to getting the treatment via an Instagram post.

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