Taylor Swift makes little girl's day, signs letter from her during concert
Singer Taylor Swift Makes Little Girl’s Day, Signs Letter From Her During Concert (Photo Credit –Instagram)

Singer Taylor Swift made a young fan’s day when she signed a letter the little girl had written to her.

The 33-year-old pop megastar is currently on the road with her mammoth ‘Eras’ stadium tour and concertgoer Gina Lanzino revealed that her seven-year-old daughter had written a letter to the “Love Story” hitmaker and passed it to an usher in the hopes of getting it to Taylor, but was doubtful that it would be a possibility, reports ‘Female First UK’.

In a video posted to TikTok, Gina said: “Okay, quick little story time. Me and my daughter went to the ‘Eras’ tour, I got the t-shirt. My daughter is seven years old. So she writes this letter, it says ‘Dear Taylor, I’m your biggest fan. My favourite colour is… what’s yours?’ She drew a little picture and she says, ‘I’m gonna bring this to the show and make sure that Taylor gets this letter’. I was kinda like, ‘I don’t really think that’s going to happen, but let’s try’.”

Gina adds, according to ‘Female First UK’: “So she brought the letter and as soon as we got into the stadium, there was a guy standing there in a suit, probably just an usher. She says to him, ‘Hey, I have this letter for Taylor. Can you make sure it gets to her?’

“He kinda chuckled, and we smiled and he said, ‘I’ll see what I can do, I’ll try really hard’. And she was happy with that, and I figured that would be the last we would hear of this letter.”

Gina revealed that halfway through the concert, four men in suits who appeared to be part of the tour’s team arrived at their section in the stadium looking for the little girl because Taylor had signed the letter herself and wanted to give it back to her.

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