From Kanye West To Elon Musk & Oprah Winfrey, Here's A Recap Of Ryan Garcia's Most Controversial Claims!
Ryan Garcia’s Startling Claims: From Kanye West To Oprah Winfrey ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Professional boxer Ryan Garcia often grabs the spotlight not only because of his sport but also because of his controversial remarks allegedly targetting influential personalities via social media. Recently, he made news by claiming Kanye West refused to accompany him because of his Sean Diddy Combs, and before that, he targeted several celebs – from Tom Hanks to Diddy Combs. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

On Saturday night, Garcia faced Devin Haney at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. When fans speculated that Garcia might not even make it to the ring because of his questionable social media activities, the boxer showed everyone by scoring 12 12-round majority decision over the lightweight champion Haney. However, Garcia did not win the title as he failed to meet the 140-pound limit.

Earlier this month, Ryan Garcia took a dig at Kanye West and accused him of being gay as per Drama Alert’s post on X. Today, we have brought you a detailed article on the celebs Ryan has taken a dig at. Scroll below for more.

Kanye West –

Recently, Ryan Garcia claimed that Kanye West refused to walk him out of the ring during his match against Devin Haney because he allegedly said something about the controversial music artist Sean Diddy Combs. He also claimed that West is gay. What did Garcia say about Diddy Combs?

Sean Diddy Combs-

Sean Combs Diddy has been in the news for his alleged s*x trafficking cases. The feds raided his home a few days back. Meanwhile, Garcia made wild claims and alleged that Devin Haney had a s*xual relationship with Diddy Combs. He also claimed to have a s*x tape featuring Haney and Diddy Combs. Ryan did not just go after Diddy but also after Elon Musk.

Elon Musk-

Garcia did not even leave the X head, Elon Musk as well. In a post, the MMA boxer claimed that Musk is the antichrist. It allegedly came out of the blue as the sportsperson and the entrepreneur had no history.

Oprah Winfrey & Tom Hanks-

Multi-pages of documents from the lawsuit connected to Jeffrey Epstein were released publicly a few days back. Several A-list names came up. Ryan Garcia claimed that he had the names from the Epstein list and name-dropped Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks. He added, “If you want me to start dropping them. Oprah, Tom Hanks. Who else is on the list?”

Michael B Jordan-

Michael B Jordan is a talented Hollywood actor who appeared as a boxer in the Creed movies. As per KingRy via Sportskeeda, Ryan and Jordan were on good terms but probably had a fallout. As per reports, a voice message from the boxer went viral on social media, where he ranted against Jordan. He reportedly said, “F*** Michael B. Jordan. F*** Michael B. Jordan. He ain’t say sh*t either. This dude’s a b*tch, bro. Literally, I met him in person. He’s a b*tch.”

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