Robert Pattinson's The Batman Won't Be Getting A Second Batsuit
Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Won’t Be Getting A Second Batsuit ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman has been a hub of reports and leaks as every DC/Marvel superhero flick. From getting a Superman’s sub-plot to the debate around the ‘No Kill’ rule of the Dark Knight, many reports have already hyped up the buzz of the Matt Reeves’ film.


Recent reports also stated that Robert Pattinson’s Batman would be getting a second & modified batsuit apart from the one which we’ve seen in the trailer. That made the comic fans excited and confused at the same time. But a recent subreddit has clarified this, and a lot of reports doing rounds on the internet.


DCSpoilers on Reddit has leaked or addressed various rumours regarding The Batman. Why do we trust this subreddit? It’s run by the moderators of renowned subreddits MarvelStudioSpoilers & StarWarsLeaks which have over half a million followers on the platform.

Here’s what the post says:


Some information about The Batman

Ok, I have to say something. Don’t believe every bullshit you read about The Batman. Nothing I ever read on this subreddit or twitter comes close to the actual plot of the movie. It’s waaay deeper and more complex than any of the “spoilers” you find on the internet.

I will share some things about the movie with you.

– First of all: BATMAN DOES NOT KILL. He is tempted to, though. And that is a big part of his arc and inner struggle.

– Batman does not get a second suit. The suit you see in the trailer is the one he wears for the entire film. Samen goes to riddler and catwoman, who is not called catwoman till the third act.

– Selina Kyle is not Falcone’s daughter. She is his woman. It’s an abusive relationship. She hates him and even tried to kill him at some point, explaining the scars on his face.

– Alfred looks nothing special, just short hair and a beard.

– Jeffrey Wright is perfect as Gordon. He is not commissioner yet, obviously. He is a respected detective and one of the few clean cops left in the GCPD.

– Oz hates being called Penguin, as Matt Reeves said during DCFandome. He is Falcone’s, right-hand man. He is secretly planning to take Falcone down. He runs a parallel drug operation that goes wrong (The scene we see in the trailer).

Which one of the above surprised you the most? For us, it’ll surely be that Robert Pattinson’s Batman won’t be getting a second batsuit *crying in the corner*. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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