Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany Once Discussed Who The Best Man Would Be At The Scarlett Witch-Vision Wedding, Here’s Who Would Get The Honour & Why Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark Was Straight Up Rejected!
‘Scarlett Witch’ Elizabeth Olsen Doesn’t Want ‘Tony Stark’ As The Best Man At Her & ‘Vision’ Paul Bettany’s Marriage – Check Out This Old Video Of Wanda-Vision Discussing Their Wedding Party (Picture Credit: IMDB)

The Marvel Cinematic has many strong superheroes such as Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, ‘Scarlet Witch’ Elizabeth Olsen, ‘Vision’ Paul Bettany, ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth and many more. Though they are all like a family – we saw them all mourn the lost Tony Stark, have you ever wondered who would be from whose side if they were to attend a marriage of two fellow Avengers?

Well, during a fun interview nearly 5 years ago, Olsen and Bettany got candid about ‘who would be the best man at the Scarlett Witch and Vision wedding.’ Want to know who which Avenger they picked? Well, scroll below to know their answer.



During an interaction with Time Out, when asked which Avenger would get the honour of being the ‘Best Man’ at their wedding, both ‘Wanda’ Elizabeth Olsen and ‘Vision’ Paul Bettany had very different picks. Their answer begins with the actor – who also voiced Jarvis in several MCU movies saying, “That’s a pretty good question.” The ‘Scarlet Witch’ actor then chimes in, saying, “It could be Chris Evans (Captain America).”

Pondering who could be the ‘Best Man,’ Paul Bettany suggests Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man character Tony Stark – a name Elizabeth Olsen quickly dismisses with a simple, “Tony is out. He hates me.” The Vision actor to this replies, “He’s my dad. And so is Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner aka The Hulk). I’ve got two dads. So I gotta bring those guys.”

After a moment, Elizabeth Olsen said, “I’d want Hawkeye there (a character played by Jeremy Renner). He was kind of like a surrogate brother to me so…” Considering Scarlett Witch’s views, Paul quickly replied, “You know what, you need that. Maybe I’ll take Thor… I’m gonna take Thor (Chris Hemsworth’s character).”

Check out Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany talking about Wanda and Vision’s marriage here:

Who do you think would be the best ‘Best Man’ at Scarlett Witch and Vision’s wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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