Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson on working with Lisa Joy on 'Reminiscence'
Hugh Jackman & Rebecca Ferguson Talk About Reminiscence Director Lisa Joy (Photo Credit: Imdb)

Actors Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson have talked about working with filmmaker Lisa Joy in the upcoming film Reminiscence.

Joy, who earlier co-created and directed Westworld, makes her feature film directing debut with Reminiscence and directs from her own original screenplay.



Hugh Jackman said: “When I met with Lisa, she had shown me some of the visuals and I understood what the movie was about in general, but I hadn’t seen the script. And I was already excited about it. I was excited about the world of the film.”

“I was excited about the character and really excited about her as a writer-director. I think she’s incredibly talented, but when I met her in person, she just gave off an air of confidence and surety, not only about the material, but how she was going to tackle it. Her passion for it,” Hugh Jackman added.

Jackman says it is a rare thing for him to just have that instant sort of gut feeling that “I’ve got to do this and, to be honest, I felt that 20 pages in when I later got the script.”

Reminiscence is about a private investigator of the mind, who navigates the darkly alluring world of the past by helping his clients access lost memories.

Rebecca Ferguson says, “Lisa’s way of writing — there’s a poetry, a musicality without sounding ridiculous. It makes me, as an actor, want to be absolutely truthful to each and every word. I think, other than the writing, the first thing I fell in love with was that Mae was portrayed in many different ways. She’s portrayed through others’ ideas of her.”

“Talking to Lisa, it became, who is Mae? What is her true identity? When does she let things slip through the cracks? I’d never done something like this before. I eventually created a timeline of Mae, and it became about starting in the middle and working her out, both to the end and to the beginning. It was incredible.”

Warner Bros Pictures is all set to release Reminiscence in select cities on August 27.

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