Legendary Pictures To Sue Warner Bros For Godzilla Vs Kong HBO Max Release?
Warner Bros In Legal Soup Over Releasing Godzilla Vs Kong On HBO Max?(Pic credit – Imdb )

Warner Bros left every single person shocked when they announced that they will be releasing their entire 2021 slate on HBO Max simultaneously. This left theatre owners angry as expected, but it has also triggered their collaborators Legendary Films who now reportedly plan to take legal action against the studio. Read on to know.

For the unversed, Legendary Pictures own one of the most anticipated films Godzilla vs Kong. The studio sold Warner Bros their film, just when Netflix had pitched a $250 Million deal. Turns our WB recently decided to shift their entire slate for 2021 to HBO Max just when they will be releasing in the theatres. This has left Legendary Pictures angry.



Now as per We Got This Covered, Legendary Pictures are not happy that Warner Bros did not consult them before taking the decision. They now plan to take legal action against WB. Now the fact is that Warner Bros are the distributors and own the control. But, Legendary Pictures and the various partners own the 75 per cent of the film. This makes their argument very strong.

Not just Legendary Pictures, even maverick filmmaker Christopher Nolan has criticised the move. Talking about the same as per the portal in a statemnet he said, “Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and most important movie stars went to bed the night before thinking they were working for the greatest movie studio and woke up to find out they were working for the worst streaming service.”

Christopher Nolan added, “Warner Bros. had an incredible machine for getting a filmmaker’s work out everywhere, both in theaters and in the home, and they are dismantling it as we speak. They don’t even understand what they’re losing. Their decision makes no economic sense, and even the most casual Wall Street investor can see the difference between disruption and dysfunction.”

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