Rebecca Miller returns to public eye after 8 yrs with Berlinale opening film
Rebecca Miller returns to public eye after 8 yrs with Berlinale opening film(Photo Credit –IANS)

If you ask Rebecca Miller, it’s getting harder and harder to make movies about people in a room talking, reports ‘Variety’.

That particular brand of intimate, personal storytelling, the kind the director of ‘Maggie’s Plan’ and ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee’ is known for, is a challenging prospect for financiers weighing up a Darwinian landscape for cinemagoing.

It’s why Miller’s latest, ‘She Came To Me’, which opens the Berlin Film Festival on Thursday, feels like a triumph for the American director (who’s also the playwright Arthur Miller’s daughter), who marks her return to narrative features after an eight-year hiatus, notes ‘Variety’.

“Making a movie like this is actually meaningful for independent cinema — it’s meaningful that we got it made,” Miller said, according to ‘Variety’. “Every time that happens, it’s a real victory, because it is very difficult … it’s hard to get personal films made.”

There’s plenty that’s unusual in ‘She Came To Me’ — albeit in all the best ways. The romantic comedy-drama stars Peter Dinklage as Steven, a moody classical composer struggling with an oppressive writer’s block that prevents him from delivering his next opera.

Despite endless encouragement from his evangelical therapist wife (Anne Hathaway), it takes a bizarre and slightly traumatic encounter with an eccentric tugboat captain (Marisa Tomei) to snap him out of his creative torpor. But just as Steven makes his long-awaited comeback, his personal life implodes, reports ‘Variety’.

The project is Miller’s seventh directorial effort, and follows her 2017 documentary ‘Arthur Miller: Writer’, about her late father, the ‘Death of a Salesman’ playwright.

Her last narrative feature was 2015’s ‘Maggie’s Plan’, notes ‘Variety’, a cute rom-com-gone-wrong in which Greta Gerwig’s “other woman” tries to return her lover (Ethan Hawke) to his ex-wife (Julianne Moore).

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