Patrick Stewart Talks About Ian McKellen's Magneto Returning In Deadpool 3
Patrick Stewart Teases His Professor X & Ian McKellen’s Magneto Appearance In Deadpool 3(Photo Credit –Still From X-Men)

With the coming of the Deadpool 3 movie, many are wondering which X-Men character might show up next in the movie. As audiences are excited to see Hugh Jackman coming as Wolverine in the MCU, the door is wide open for many other characters from the mutant family to appear in the multiversal saga. While Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier is in the front runners to appear, he recently teased an X-Men Reunion With Ian McKellen’s Magneto in Deadpool 3.

With mutants being introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are possibilities for characters from the X-Men franchise to team up with MCU characters. While Professor Charles Xavier could not do much in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last summer, what if he shows up once again with his former pal Ian McKellen’s Magneto? Read on ahead to find out more about it.

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Patrick Stewart teased his MCU plans and also hinted at a reunion with a friend from the X-Men franchise, Ian McKellen. He says, “But we’re not done, Sir Ian and myself. We’re… we got plans.” The statement by the actor hints that audiences might get to see more of Professor X and Magneto in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In another interview, Patrick Stewart also said that he has “been told to standby” about Professor Xavier’s potential appearance in Deadpool 3. He later added, “I know nothing more than that, honest.” Thanks to the introduction of the multiverse, the crossover between characters of both franchises might be possible in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Previously, Professor X and Hugh Jackman died in the Fox/X-Men universe via Logan released in 2017. However, as many mutants are making their way into the MCU, Ian McKellen, being one of the powerful Marvel characters, definitely has a high chance to appear in Deadpool 3.

Let us know what do you think about it. Do you think they will have a reunion in Deadpool 3?

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