Robert Downey Jr's "I Am Iron Man" Scene
Robert Downey Jr’s “I Am Iron Man” Scene Was Shot At An Memorable Place By The Studio(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

Robert Downey Jr, the man who kickstarted the MCU with the first Iron Man movie in 2008 has a connection with his last dialogue in Avengers: End Game. Every trivia regarding Marvel Cinematic Universe and behind the scenes has got netizens excited. Read on to know about how RDJ’s final dialogue has a connection to the first MCU movie.

With RDJ snapping his fingers, and saying, “I am Iron Man”, the dialogue which he said in the first Iron Man movie, was shot at the same place as it was shot for Avengers: End Game. This was a perfect tribute to the character of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Not only was it emotional, but it also brought an emotional full-circle moment that perfectly wrapped up more than 10 years of Marvel films that began with the first Iron Man movie released in 2008.



According to a report by BuzzFeed, the Russo Brothers revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that the actual filming of the Avengers: End Game final scene had a special connection to Iron Man as well. Joe Russo said, “It was [filmed] on the soundstage that was next door to where he [RDJ] did his first screen test for Iron Man 12 years earlier.”

The director duo was emotional and went on to add that it was an emotional moment for everyone on the set as it was Robert Downey Jr’s last day filming the MCU movie.


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Joe Russo added, “It was very emotional because it was not only such a poetic line for Robert to have as his last line, but it was his last day.” The co-director Anthony Russo added that it was all “a bit more full-circle” than they ever intended and was a fitting ending for RDJ’s MCU legacy.

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