Iron Man, Captain America, Thor & The Other OG Avengers Represent Each Of The 6 Infinity Stones? This Crazy Theory Will Blow Your Mind & Leave You Teary Too
The OG Avengers Represent Each Of The 6 Infinity Stones? Here’s Why This Crazy Fan Theory Thinks So ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Marvel Comics has given the world several superheroes, but the original six Avengers – Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye have a special place in the hearts of many. While MCU fans had to tearfully bid adieu to the first three during their quest to find the Infinity Stones, battle Thanos and his army and then return them to their original timelines, did you know each of the six represents one of the stones?

We recently came across an interesting theory about the Infinity Stones and how the original Avengers represent each of them. Read on to know more about it and be blown away!

Instagram page Nard Talk ( recently took to the social media platform and shared a video about this fascinating theory. As per the video uploader, there is a crazy theory that states that each of the original Avengers represents one of the Infinity Stones. But which do they personify and why? Well, scroll down to check out the video and read what fans think of it.

According to this crazy theory, “Tony Stark represents the ‘Mind Stone’ due to the fact that he had a brilliant mind and was the main mind of the team. Black Widow represents the ‘Soul Stone’ due to her sacrifice in Endgame. Hawkeye, being the most realistic, most grounded hero among the Avengers, represents the ‘Reality Stone.’”

The video further states, “Thor represents the ‘Space Stone’ based on his Asgardian nature and reign over the cosmos. Hulk represents the ‘Power Stone’ – I think I don’t have to explain this one. And lastly, Captain America represents the ‘Time Stone’ (he went back in time and spent years with his lover Penny Carter). Check out the video here:


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One Avengers fan commented on the video: “Don’t really think it was intended, but still a cool theory.” Another added, “No at all crazy. Stan knew what he was doing.(sic)”

A third commented, “I do think this was intended but also an accident, I think it was intended because there’s only one chance they won and it had to be with all of them, most of the comics they lost if The Infinity war so it kind of makes sense.”

What do you think of this crazy Avengers fan theory? Do you think it was planned or accidental? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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