Not Alan Rickman, But Probably This Actor Would Have Donned Severus Snape's Role In Harry Potter Franchise
Did You Know Late Actor Alan Rickman Was Not The First Choice For Severus Snape In Harry Potter Franchise?(Photo Credit –Imdb)

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise’s Severus Snape got a shape of its own because of the late actor Alan Rickman’s portrayal. The actor has been a part of many big projects, however, he is mostly known for playing Prof Snape in the HP movies. But did you know he was not the first choice to play this role? Keep scrolling to find out who he was.

Prof Snape had layers of characteristics. He was caring, lovable, bitter and wicked at the same time. His mean behaviour towards Harry made us dislike him, but at the same time his sacrifices and love for Lily made us fall in love with Snape too. And after watching Harry Potter movies a million times, we cannot imagine Snape as anyone other than Rickman. However, here’s who was supposed to do it.

Well, it was not Alan Rickman but Tim Roth who was supposedly cast as Professor Severus Snape in the HP franchise. Yes, that’s right. And as per a report in Screenrant, Tim Roth had even accepted the offer, but because of his prior commitments, he had to walk out of the project, leaving the chair empty only to be filled by late actor Alan. According to reports, when Roth had auditioned for the Head of Slytherine’s role, he had also accepted Planet of the Apes‘ offer as well. And as the dates between the projects clashed, Roth had to leave one.

But did you know JK Rowling had always pictured Alan Rickman as Professor Snape? Yes, and that made it quite easy for the makers of the Harry Potter franchise to find another actor appropriate to play Snape. And well, the rest is history. The actor is no more with us, but he made the character Severus Snape alive among everyone.

Alan Rickman left this mortal plane in 2016, and we still dearly miss him.

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