Alan Rickman Said "Go Ahead" After He Was Threatened To Be Replaced As Professor Snape For Demanding Two Salaries For Harry Potter
Alan Rickman Was Once Threatened By Warner Bros To Replace Him For Harry Potter’s Last Part ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Alan Rickman is undoubtedly the most loved villain in the history of cinema as he portrayed the beloved Professor Snape in JK Rowling’s book Harry Potter’s film adaptation of eight parts. However, the actor once demanded two salaries for the last part of the film, and Warner Bros instead of understanding his issue, tried to threaten him saying they will replace him with someone to play Professor Snape.

However, Rickman, unfazed by this bogus threat, went ahead and challenged them to do so. What happened next was an interesting tale to tell and live. This story was narrated by Miriam Morgoyles who played Professor Sprout in the film.



In her book, Miriam Margoyles shared a story that was narrated to her by none other than Alan Rickman. The final part of the book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was rather very long and it was decided by Warner Bros to split the film into two parts for better narratives. However, they were shot in continuity and therefore Rickman, who played Professor Snape was given fees for only one film. Scroll down to read what happened next.

Alan Rickman‘s agent pointed out the trick and said if the films are released separately, they are separate entities since they would earn separately and Warner Bros will receive two incomes. Hence, she proposed that Alan should also get separate fees for the two films.

Warner Bros didn’t oblige and even threatened to replace Professor Snape! Miriam writes, “Recast Snape? Alan smiled. Go ahead, he said! The day before shooting was due they agreed to pay Alan both the fees.” This excerpt from the book was shared on a Reddit thread and fans applauded the Alan Rickman for taking a wise step.

A user wrote, “Amazing! Well done Alan, of course, there was no way to recast Snape.” Another user said, “Can’t even imagine how they’d even do that for the final two movies…or anything past movie #1. Rickman was that part.” One more comment read, “The audacity of Warner Bros to even try to threaten him with that!” A fourth user wrote, “Recast Snape? And at the end to boot? lolololol”

You can read the entire thread here.

Miriam Margoyles shares an Alan Rickman story in her autobiography
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