Miley Cyrus Talks About The Negative Impact Of Being Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus Gets Candid About The Media Scrutiny She Faced As Hannah Montana (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Miley Cyrus, who became a household name during her stint as the pop singer in Disney’s Hannah Montana, has recently been making news for opening up about her failed marriage to Liam Hemsworth and more. But now, she has spoken about those glorious days of the early 2000s.

In a recent conversation, Miley opened up about the playing Hannah had on her life. The singer also got candid about the media scrutiny she faced as a teen. Read on to know all that she said below.


During a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus opened up about her time on Disney’s hit show – Hannah Montana. She said, “I had to evolve because Hannah was larger than life, larger than me. I felt like I was never going to amount to the success of Hannah Montana.”

Miley Cyrus continued, “That’s how Lil Nas X actually knew of my dad [Billy Ray Cyrus]. He grew up watching Hannah Montana and said, ‘I want to do a song with Robby Ray. That’s literally what happened. Being a young queer kid’s idol that could turn out to be a Lil Nas X and create a whole identity for themselves off being inspired from watching me growing up. Or I hear artists like Troye Sivan say he felt more comfortable with his sexuality when I came out with My Heart Beats for Love.”

The Wrecking Ball singer added, “When my peers are having these experiences and accepting themselves because of something that I demonstrated while they were a kid, that’s when I go, ‘Sh*t, I f*cking am Hannah Montana.”

Miley Cyrus also revealed, “Really, Hannah Montana was not a character. The concept of the show, it’s me. I’ve had to really come to terms with that and not be third-person about it.”

During the same interview, Miley also shed light on the opened ‘trauma’ she experienced with intense media scrutiny over her body. She said, “At one point I was like, ‘Yo, when I’m 16 and you’re circling my b**bs and sh*t like that… I’m the bad guy? I think people are starting to go, ‘Wait, wait, wait. That was f*cked up.’ They’re starting to know who the enemy and who the victim was there.”

Miley Cyrus continued, “I think I knew who I was meant to be, but I’m sure there’s something in there…Some trauma of feeling so criticised, I think, for what I felt was pretty average teenage, early exploration.”

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