Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly May Need Exorcism? After Vampire Associations, Now A Catholic Priest Comments On Them Drinking Each Other’s Blood
After Vampire Associations, Now A Catholic Priest Comments On Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Drinking Each Other’s Blood, Says It’s Something To Be “Addressed By An Exorcist'(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly left netizens blown away when the former revealed that they had drank each other’s blood after she yes when the rapper proposed to her in January this year. While originally many felt it was a joke, the Transformers actress recently revealed it was literally true and they had “just a few drops” for ritual purposes only.


Now, after vampire associations commented on this, a Catholic priest has shared his views on the same. From saying they may need to interact with an exorcist to advising others to not follow their lead, here’s what he said.


As reported by unilad, after vampire associations it seems like a Catholic priest is now weighing in on Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly drinking each other’s blood and is warning others against it. Rev. Federico Highton, a priest and missionary from Argentina, while speaking about the practice said, “It’s a form of Gnosticism, which has many facets. One of them is vampirism.” The priest added that “vampirism is something that should be addressed by an exorcist.”

Not just a Catholic priest, but Dr Taylor Marshall, a YouTuber and Catholic layman, had also shared some pretty strong words for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly & them drinking each other’s blood. The YouTuber said, “Fox says she drinks human blood. But then she qualifies ‘it’s just for ritual purposes’. As if that makes it any better. I mean if she says ‘I drink blood because it helps my skin’, I’d be like ‘it’s sick and disgusting and you’re on a beauty regime, that’s gross, evil.’ But when you say it for ritual purposes only, that’s satanic, occult, it’s evil, wicked, Dracula, vampire, etc.”

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