Amber Heard Broke Down While Testifying Against Johnny Depp
Amber Heard Takes The Stand During The Johnny Depp Case(Photo Credit: Instagram/wikimedia/Twitter)

A video from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case, in which the actress is crying while on the stand, has been going viral on the internet. However, the reason behind its circulation is not due to Heard breaking down. The $50 million defamation trial continues to its fourth week, with several details being revealed in the court.

Many people, including friends, bodyguards, nurses, doctors, and more, have been called in as witnesses to testify. On top of that text exchanges, video, and audiotapes have also been showcased as evidence in the ongoing trial, which is being televised nationally.

Recently, Amber Heard took the stand, and on the second day, she continued to recount a series of violent incidents that marked her and Johnny Depp’s relationship. While speaking, the actress broke down, but those watching the trial on TV noticed something else. Several netizens believe that the actress posed for a photo while crying.

Check out the video here:

Amber Heard can be seen wiping away her tears with a tissue, but there is a couple of seconds pause, and we can see a flash on her face. This has led the internet to believe she posed for a photo. Considering that the Johnny Depp case has garnered quite an attention towards it, several people shared the video further and reacted to it.

Some fans even believe that during her opening statement, Amber quoted lines from Matt Damon’s Talented Mr. Ripley.

However, it can’t be 100% proven if Amber Heard was posing and quoted the lines from the film through just the video and the photo of the text on the internet. Meanwhile, recently, it was revealed that Johnny Depp, who lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, lost the $22.5 million deal because of the op-ed written by Heard in 2018.

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