Matthew McConaughey Shares A Flight Incident That Scared Him For His Dear Life
Matthew McConaughey Shares Details Of A Flight Incident That Terrified His Soul, Called It The ‘Hairiest Flight Ever’ ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Matthew McConaughey has starred in several thriller movies where he played the ‘rough and tough’ dude. But in real life, the actor is just like us – a normal human being who loves his life and hates lethal adventures. He made it quite clear recently when he appeared on a talk show and shared details of a terrifying plane incident. Scroll on to learn more.

The actor starred in the superhit movie Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, in 2015. While the actor played the role of a NASA pilot who explored space and a wormhole in the film, his real-life experience with the lack of gravity in the air was quite scary. He shared the experience recently, and everyone was shaken.

While talking to Kelly Ripa on SiriusXM’s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, Matthew McConaughey recalled the time when his flight suffered a major turbulence. He said, “It’s suspended disbelief. I mean, it’s zero gravity. Your red wine and the glass and the plates that your food was on are all suspended, floating, still just in the air. And to look at it for that long, which wasn’t that long – one, two, three, four [seconds] – and then everything just comes crashing down.”

Matthew McConaughey was on the flight with his wife, Camila Alves. The incident petrified him as he knew he had “no way to get control of this situation, the moment.” The True Detective actor added that he did not have a seatbelt on either and said, “My tray table is what held me down. I did not have my seatbelt on, and there was not a seatbelt warning right before it happened” He instinctively reached for his wife and made sure that she had her seatbelt on at that moment.

Unfortunately, another turbulence hit right after the first one, and while narrating the incident, Matt said, “It was odd. You hear people’s reactions. Some people were ghost silent. Some people had big bursts of laughter. And it was not like, ‘Oh, this is fun.’ It was like, ‘I’m in shock.'”

Matthew McConaughey was also travelling with his friend, who was a pilot. He assured the Interstellar actor that planes were built strong enough to handle such turbulences. “I was like, ‘If something’s wrong, can you fly this thing? And he was like, ‘No problem.’ And I was like, ‘Great, love to hear that,'” he added. Despite the assurance, Matt concluded, “It was the hairiest flight I’ve ever had by far.”

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