Marvel Trivia #1: Nepotism In Hollywood? Guardians Of The Galaxy Had It!
Marvel Trivia #1: Nepotism In Hollywood? Guardians Of The Galaxy Had It!

Marvel Trivia #1: Well, the Nepotism debate isn’t limited to one industry, and in our today’s trivia exploring MCU, we’ll share how even Hollywood isn’t completely free from it. Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, has given birth to many debates, discussion various wrong things happening in Bollywood.


Today’s trivia is about Guardians Of The Galaxy, directed by James Gunn. It’s still considered one of the coolest sub-sagas to be backed by Marvel. Chris Pratt as Star-Lord earned himself a respectable position in the group of Avengers post this one. But, that’s not today’s fact.


In a trivia published on Factinate, we learnt, “In Guardians of the Galaxy, Sean Gunn plays Yondu’s second-in-command Kraglin. Sean is the brother of director James Gunn. So yea, technically nepotism… But he plays the role well! The way he just stands there, saying nothing… This man knows how to act.”

Now, of course, that’s not a big thing, and we’re not pin-pointing at anyone, but it’s just a light-hearted fact to be read in these chaotic times. Earlier this year Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt got a quarantine haircut from his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, and he is amused by her trimming skills.

Pratt took to his Instagram Stories to share his haircut journey by posting photographs of Schwarzenegger, giving him a haircut at home. “Here we go! Time to chop it off,” Pratt wrote on the photograph as his wife got ready to cut his hair.

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