Lovesutra Episode 7: When Brad Pitt Candidly Revealed His Favourite Place To Have S*x & It's Not Where You Think!
Lovesutra Episode 7: When Brad Pitt Candidly Revealed His Favourite Place To Have S*x & It’s Not Bedroom ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The taboo of not talking about the word, ‘S * X’ is now long gone. S*x is something that we all need to have for a healthy balanced life. Good s*x means good mood, and good mood means automatically it will reflect on our day-to-day productivity in our life. However, from personal experience, let me tell you the same old vanilla s*x in your bedroom can literally give you a monotonous feeling. So today we would talk about how you can spice up your s*x life just by shifting your base and well, it’s your favourite Brad Pitt-approved!

I am a person who likes to have a good intimate moment with my partner but also at the same time, love the fun parts too! *Wink* However, we women generally have this pre-notion or shyness to talk or communicate with our partners about what we want or desire, thinking what they might assume about us! So, today let’s talk about how we can also take the lead & spice up our bed situation!



Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is a lover boy, we all know that! But did you know after his separation from Jennifer Aniston, when he was in a relationship with Angelina Jolie, he had once candidly revealed where he likes to have s*x and it’s not in the bedroom? In an interview with Parade magazine in 2009, Brad had shared that it’s not his bedroom or on a warm rug in front of a fireplace, where he likes to have s*x but instead, the ex-couple used to head for a stone grotto behind the swimming pool waterfall at their home. Admitting to it, he had said, “It’s a great place for s*x”.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that having s*x at the same place every damn day can really make your s*x life quite boring and monotonous. Now, as we all know men like to take charge when it comes to things like this, however, times have been changing and talking from first-hand experience, I can assure you that women also like to do things to shake up their s*x life. Because, why should men have all the fun? Huh!

Communication is the key factor that always works the best between a couple. If your regular vanilla s*x is getting boring then definitely try the other flavours. Why stick to just one? You have your whole house, find the corners that might add a little bit of spice to your life! Making breakfast? Get dirty on the kitchen slab with your partner. Taking a shower? Call your partner and have a bath together, along with other things! *Ahem Ahem* And this last one is for you MEN- going out for a party? Then have a quickie before leaving, pin your partner to the wall, and have that hot, s*xy, and suave intimate moment. Let me tell you, women love that! Take a cue from movies like Fifty Shades of Grey!

Would you want to know any benefits would you have from not having s*x in the bedroom once in a while? Then these are the ones:

If you add these small details and experiments, it will give your s*x life a thrill and excitement which will then automatically work like magic in strengthening your bond even more.

A better s*x life will also balance out your mood.

Good communication between the partners will also help to get rid of any differences between you two giving you a healthy relationship.

So, it’s not just Brad Pitt but us women also can think about having s*x in different ways. Break the stereotypical thoughts and become more communicative about your desires. Have fun till it lasts. S*x should be pleasurable, not painful! Let us know your thoughts about it!

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