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Lovesutra Episode 6: When Deepika Padukone Revealed How ‘Emotions’ Are Important During S*x(Photo Credit –Instagram)

In the age of Tinder and Bumble, it’s difficult to find the connection with someone who wants you as much as you want them. A lot of times, people revealed about having s*x with no feelings involved and I’m not judging but to each its own and I can’t make love to someone without having feelings for the other person. Today on Lovesutra, we will talk about the time Deepika Padukone revealed how ‘emotions’ are important during ‘s*x’ and well, that’s rule 101 while making love to someone if you would ask me.

I’ve always believed that you can have s*x with anyone but you’ve to have feelings if you want to make love to someone. There’s definitely a difference between having s*x with someone and making love to someone you like. And given the fact, dating apps have made things easily accessible for everyone, people have become reluctant to the idea of love and commitment.

Deepika Padukone once in an interview with Verve revealed that for her s*x means physical intimacy where feelings and emotions are involved. And Ranveer Singh is just about that, we feel. He happens to be DP’s husband and never misses a chance to flirt and appreciate her on social media.

I’m very old school when it comes to s*x and I don’t understand the concept of casual s*x. I don’t know who is to be blamed but now even s*x has categories which is really funny. I mean how do you decide that you want to only have a casual relationship with this person and a serious one with someone else. It’s confusing at the same time!

But again, it varies person to person. For a lot of people exchanging body energies via s*x is very intimate and for a few, it’s just a body need. For me it’s very important to feel secure with the person that I’m going to make love to. You can get bored of s*x but not intimacy is how I feel about it because it’s about the connection that you’ve with someone else’s soul.

Emotional intimacy during s*x would make you talk about your deepest feelings and insecurities with your partner. You can be vulnerable and no one will judge you for that. You can express exactly how you feel including immense happiness/sadness or your mental health for that matter.

My last relationship was three years ago and I still don’t feel the same connection with anyone that I had with my ex-boyfriend. And there’s nothing wrong with it, it’ll happen when it has to happen, I don’t need to force myself into a relationship or s*x.

Now, let’s talk about the benefit of making love to someone where feelings are involved:

  • Where emotions are involved, it increases your s*xual desire as you connect with the person better romantically.
  • You’re comparatively more satisfied to open up with your partner in bed.
  • It improves your mental health in a big way. You are just ‘YOU’ when you’re with them – raw and unfiltered.
  • Your physical health also improves as you are emotionally connected to your partner and it has a direct impact on your diet which plays an important role in your holistic well-being.

So, it’s not just about Deepika Padukone having an ‘emotional’ connect with her partner during s*x but for everyone who wants to be in a healthy and intimate relationship with their better half.

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