'Love Island' star AJ Bunker breaks up with 'gay porn star' boyfriend
‘Love Island’ star AJ Bunker breaks up with ‘gay porn star’ boyfriend(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Reality show ‘Love Island’ star AJ Bunker and her boyfriend are headed to splitsville after she discovered that her boyfriend is a gay porn star.

The television personality, 28, said that she is traumatised after finding out that she had been catfished three months into their relationship, reports Mirror.co.uk.



AJ had been celibate for two years when she met her now ex-boyfriend at an event and he seemed “liked the dream”. According to Mirror.co.uk, she said he had told her that he was a model and worked at a football coaching company.

But the Love Island star was shocked when three months into their relationship she found out he had been lying to her.

In an interview with ‘The Sun’, AJ, quoted by Mirror.co.uk, said: “It was extreme porn. It was all with men and I could see as clear as day that it was him, I was absolutely mortified and I didn’t think it could get any worse and then I discovered that.”

“He’d even asked one of my gay friends to send him photos. My friend sent me a picture of an ugly thong rolled up in a ball and put into his hoodie. I couldn’t believe he’d been bringing underwear to my house and leaving it there.

“He told me he’d lied because he didn’t think I’d give him the time of the day if he’d told me the truth. By this point I was traumatised and called it a day.”

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