Don't Worry Darling Twitteratti War As Florence Pugh Decides To Not Do Any Press Meet Outside Venice Film Festival
Florence Pugh Decides To Not Do Any Press Meet Outside Venice Film Festival ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller helmed by Olivia Wilde featuring One-Direction star Harry Styles and Florence Pugh as a couple. However, ever since the trailer has been released, there have been a lot of speculations brewing surrounding the film. Now, Florence Pugh’s decision not to do press meets outside Venice Film Festival is indicating a fallout between the actress and the director.

Florence Pugh recently talked about the film’s main focus point when fans were going crazy about the s*x scenes in the trailer. Now, her deciding not to do any press meets gives a new spin-off to the whole drama.



Currently, Twitter is going wild with the trend #Don’tWorryDarling as Twitter users noticed the rift between the actor Florence Pugh and the director Olivia Wilde. There have been a lot of rumours that Florence wasn’t happy with the alleged love affair that brewed between Harry Styles and Olivia, while other sets of people were talking about the pay gap between Florence and Harry.

Addressing it to Variety, Olivia Wilde rubbished all the speculations that Harry Styles received $2.5 million for the film while Florence only received $700,000. She said, “There has been a lot out there that I largely don’t pay attention to. But the absurdity of invented clickbait and subsequent reaction regarding a nonexistent pay disparity between our lead and supporting actors really upset me.”

Now, Twitter users are coming in support of Florence Pugh and bashing the director and Harry Styles. One of them wrote, “How disappointing is #OliviaWilde? mask truly slipped, special place in hell for women who treat women like that. You owe ‘miss Flo’ a public apology. Kudos to Florence Pugh for washing her hands of you and your gaslighting toxicity. #DontWorryDarling”, while another penned, “Why haven’t you casted an actor that would have matched Flo’s performance instead of Harry Styles? There’s plenty of incredibly talented and underrated actors out there that barely get any recognition, actors that have dedicated their whole life to the craft #DontWorryDarling.”

While another one tweeted, “The audacity to pay Florence less than half of what Harry’s getting when that’s his acting?? Compared to hers!?! Pay her what she deserves #DontWorryDarling”. Another one wrote, “Olivia Wilde is the type of woman that makes other women [in the industry] look bad. how fucking messy is she? Hiring Shia. Fucking an actor on her movie. Throwing his female co star under the bus; now FP isn’t going to do press ? #DontWorryDarling.” Check out the thread below:

Well, what do you think about Florence Pugh deciding not to attend the press tour of Don’t Worry Darling? Let us know!

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