Harry Styles Discovers A Chicken Nugget Thrown At Him On The Stage, What Happened Next Was Just Hilarious
Harry Styles Discovers A Chicken Nugget Thrown At Him On The Stage, What Happened Next Was Just Hilarious (Photo Credit –Facebook)

Weird occurrences never go out of style for Harry Styles. After the former One Direction star left the audience confused with his weird accent in his film, he was recently left amused as a fan threw a chicken nugget at him on stage as he performed at his New York concert recently, reports Mirror.co.uk.

Former One Direction star Harry, 28, had been performing at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (Pacific Standard Time) when he discovered the nugget on stage. According to Mirror.co.uk, as he picked up the food from the floor, he asked his fans: “Is this a chicken nugget?!”



Holding the nugget in the air before walking around the stage he added: “Interesting, very interesting approach.” In an attempt to find the culprit, Harry asked the crowd: “Who threw the chicken nugget? It’s another chicken nugget,” the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer added as another was thrown onto the stage.

Mirror.co.uk further states that fans then began chanting to demand the singer eat the nugget, but he refuses and explains: “I don’t eat chicken, sorry. I don’t eat meat.” He then chucks the first nugget back to the audience member and says: “There you go, you can have your nugget back,” before turning around to get the second piece of fast food.

Holding the breadcrumbed meat in the air, Harry Styles says: “First of all, this is cold and I’m assuming very old.”

The fan shouts back: “No,” before the crowd begin chanting “eat it, eat it, eat it” again, causing Harry to laugh. “Would you like it back,” he asks the fan and as he says “yes”, he looks baffled and repeats: “You want it back? Why?” The audience giggles as Harry repeats the fan’s answer, which was simply “because…”.

Throwing the second piece of fast food back, Harry Styles says: “All right, here you go. Don’t eat it.”

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