Lindsay Lohan Became A Millionaire With 'Mean Girls' But It Was Nothing Compared To The Film's Box Office Success
Lindsay Lohan Became A Millionaire With ‘Mean Girls’ But It Was Nothing Compared To The Film’s Box Office Success (Picture Credit: IMDb)

It is safe to say that we all are fans of Mean Girls, no, not the school bullies, but the 2004 movie teen comedy. The movie was a massive success as it entertained the masses thoroughly. From a stupendous star cast to an engaging story revolving around popular girls in a high school, it had everything. While the movie earned millions of dollars, it also made its lead actress Lindsay Lohan a millionaire. Let’s dive into LiLo’s salary for her blockbuster movie.

LiLo began her acting career when she was just seven years old. The actress guest appeared in the popular kid’s show Sesame Street, but her big break came with Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap in 1998. It also marked her feature film debut.

The 2004 film Mean Girls saw the likes of many talented actresses, including Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, and Tina Fey. The movie follows the story of LiLo’s Cady, who is new to the high school and meets the school’s diva, Regina. Regina enjoys her popularity around the school and is followed everywhere by Gretchen and Karen. When Cady joins her close friends’ group, she comes across her mean tactics, which she used to pull people down.

To get back at Regina, Cady gave her the ‘mean girl’ treatment and found herself the new miss popular of her high school. When she realizes what her thirst for fame has done to her, she goes back to her old life and tries to be a better person.

As Lindsay Lohan was the star of the movie, she received a hefty cheque, yet it was nothing compared to what the movie made. As per various reports, the actress took home $1 million following her fantastic performance in Mean Girls.

The movie was allegedly made on a budget of $17 million in 2004. However, one week into its release, the movie was already making profits. The movie’s domestic collection was $86 million. However, it’s worldwide collection reached $130.1 million.

While there were several talks about the movie’s sequel with its OG star cast, it never happened. But Walmart recently brought Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert together for a commercial. It gave a glimpse into what the girls must be doing today and it surely was wholesome for fans.

Check out the commercial here:

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