Notorious S*x Tape Broker Claims Kim Kardashian Made An Excess Of $20Million From Video With Ray J – Read On
Notorious S*x Tape Broker Talks About Kim Kardashian & Ray J’s S*x Tape – The Money They Made, Deleted Content & More ( Photo Credit – Kim Kardashian / Instagram; Ray J / IMDb )

Kim Kardashian is a well-known figure across the globe thanks to her television presence, her different business and her personal life making the headlines. But before she became this famous, the reality show star made it to the headlines when her s*x tape with Ray J – Kim Kardashian, Superstar was released in 2007.

Filmed while Kim and Ray were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the celebration of her 22nd birthday, both parties involved in the p*rnographic film have routinely denied having any involvement in the video’s release. Now, in a conversation with a British tabloid, notorious s*x tape broker Kevin Blatt has opened up about the tape, the reality star making $20million from it, and revealed some details unknown till now.



In a conversation with The Sun, Kevin Blatt spoke at length about Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s s*x tape. In his chat with the publication, he claimed he was offered that he has the chance to buy the tape from Ray in 2006. Describing the singer-actor as someone ‘eager’ to strike a deal, Blatt revealed he was informed of the tape’s existence by a childhood friend who was working at Adult Video News during that period.

Further talking about Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s s*x tape, the broker – who made a name for himself in the trade by releasing Paris Hilton’s s*x tape with Rick Salomon – One Night In Paris, said that Ray allegedly told him that Kim “wanted to release the sex tape for free the weekend before but he had to talk her out of it.”

Blatt stated, “Ray J told me, ‘She wants to be bigger than Paris.’” He added, “I told him, ‘Ray J, you cannot let her release it for free – don’t let her do that. There’s too much money out there.’ Blatt continued, “’ I can give you the best deal ever and I’m gonna bring in somebody who’s gonna pay you a million dollars right now.’”

The notorious s*x tape broker added that he was ready to make a deal and pay Ray J handsomely for his and Kim Kardashian’s s*x tape, but the singer went behind his back and gave it to another – Vivid Entertainment. Following the release of Kim Kardashian, Superstar, the now-mother of four Kim filed a lawsuit against Vivid, accusing the company of releasing the tape without her permission. However, she quickly dropped the case after enlisting the help of Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, who helped acquire her $5 million for the tape’s distribution instead.

As per Kevin Blatt’s conversation further, he was disappointed to have missed out on the opportunity to have brought the s*x tape. He further estimated that Kim Kardashian alone had likely made over $20 million from the tape. A 2017 report by TMZ – affiliate TooFab – alleged that Ray J was still reportedly earning $90,000 in royalties every three months.

In the same interaction, Kevin Blatt also shockingly claimed that there were quite a few X-rated scenes in the version of the s*x tape he watched. Saying that a number of scenes were actually deleted from the final Kim Kardashian-Ray J s*x tape – but declining to mention which they were, the broker said, “What I can tell you is that on the initial tape of Kim Kardashian there was a lot of stuff that was excluded.”

Kevin Blatt added, “I don’t think the family would’ve been the entity that they are today if a lot of that other stuff had made it onto the final tape.” In his chat, with the above-mentioned publication, Blatt also dismissed Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West’s claims of being in possession of a “graphic” and “unreleased” second sex tape of Kim and Ray J.

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