Keanu Reeves Finally Opens Up About His DC Comeback As The Cynical Exorcist With Constantine 2 Says "But I'm Definitely Going To Try My Darndest To Try & Realize That Dream"
Keanu Reeves Is Excited To Make His Comeback In The DC Universe With Constantine 2 ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; Constantine Poster )

James Gunn and Peter Safran have been cancelling actors and projects since the time they got appointed as the new heads of the DC Studios. Amidst all the rejections and cancellations, they made a surprising announcement revolving around the 2005 film Constantine. The Studio has announced a sequel to the film. The first film had Keanu Reeves portraying the role of cynical exorcist John Constantine. And now, the actor has opened up about the same. Scroll down to know more.

For the record, the first part did not do well at the box office, nor did it receive a positive response from the critics. But now, the scenarios are different, superhero movies are doing sufficiently well, and Reeves is a big deal also. Not to forget, when the film came out, there was no DC Universe. Last year only the actor brought forth the news of his comeback as the DC character.

Keanu Reeves had been quite excited about it, and in a recent interview with Total Film, he revealed his thoughts on Constantine 2. He said, “I don’t know if it was unfinished business, but it was definitely a role that I loved. And I thought that Francis Lawrence, the director, did such amazing work. I loved playing that character, and I really enjoyed the film. I was like, [adopts Oliver Twist voice] ‘Can I please have some more?'” As per the report, he would constantly ask them about the film, and they would repeatedly put him down. “I kept asking almost every year. I’d be like, ‘Can I please?’ [and] they’d be like, ‘No, no!'”

Finally, when Warner Bros gave Constantine 2 a nod, Keanu Reeves and his team were quick enough to get to work. The Speed actor was really excited about the development as he said, “So it’s exciting. It’s almost like an open playground that we can hopefully cook something up and play in, and I guess to get out of the playground and prepare a meal. But I’m looking forward to it, and hopefully, it can happen. You don’t know how these things go. But I’m definitely going to try my darndest to try and realize that dream.”

Keanu Reeves and the fans are looking forward to the actor’s resurrecting the DC character with his versatility, and by now, everyone knows that he is a pro when it comes to the action genre and will surely do justice to the role; if he gets a good script. Also, the report further suggests that the superstar is looking forward to doing things the right way with Constantine 2 this time.

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